Exploring the Link between Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: Culture as an Interface between BRIC Members

By Ana Martins, Lilian Kein and Isabel Martins.

Published by Organizational Cultures: An International Journal

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This paper suggests that culture plays a central role in the leadership process. It is an assumption that emotionally intelligent leaders are affected by culture. The role of emotional intelligence in corporate performance and the role of feelings inside the organization are analyzed in this regard.

In order to assess the influence of culture on leadership styles, primary data was gathered to analyse the seven factors: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, individualized consideration, contingent reward, management by exception, and laissez-faire.

The findings demonstrate the role of leadership styles, and this study thus proposes that culture influences leadership which arises from the analysis of the data gathered from Brazilian and Chinese leaders.

Keywords: Leadership, Culture, Emotional Intelligence, Performance, Sustainability

Organizational Cultures: An International Journal, Volume 13, Issue 2, April 2014, pp.15-24. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: April 2, 2014 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 632.038KB)).

Ana Martins

Lecturer, Business, Economics and Management Department, Xi'an Jiaotong - Liverpool University, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Lilian Kein

Postgraduate Student, Xi'an Jiatong - Liverpool University, Suzhou, China

Dr. Isabel Martins